Heather Kegel Studios



Artist Statement

Objects serve as documentations of the past, and can be used to show the passage of time. They create connections between generations, between then and now. I have always had a fascination with antiques—objects that were once treasured by people who have come and gone. My family has a strong tradition of passing objects down through generations, including hand-spun cloth, quilts, serving silver, and books. These object create bonds with my ancestors whom I have never met, and inspire the sharing of memories and stories of times long gone. In my work, I bring the past to the present, transforming history into modern times. I reference patterns found within the objects my ancestors once owned, and which now serve as tangible remnants of my family history.




Heather Kegel was born and raised in Colorado. She spends a great deal of time outdoors in the Rocky Mountains. Her attachment to her Colorado home and the natural world inspires many of her works. Heather works primarily in clay, creating both functional and sculptural pieces. She has an interest in both the old and the new, and uses many different techniques for construction. She creates thin, porcelain works with a hand-built 3D printer, in addition to working more traditionally on a potter's wheel. Heather's artistic interests also include printmaking and natural dyeing and eco-printing fabric and fibers.

Heather graduated in June 2015 with a BFA in studio art from the University of Denver. Heather has shown in a number of local and national galleries, including Plinth Gallery, Redline, Muse Gallery, Pottery Northwest, the Firehouse Art Center, Flower City Arts Center, and Charlie Cummings Gallery. She recently completed her first residency at The Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, CO, and is an associate member at Pirate: Contemporary Art. Upcoming shows include the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and a group show at Pirate: Contemporary Art.