thoughtfully handcrafted for the modern adventurer


I was born and raised near Boulder, Colorado. Starting at a very young age, I spent a great deal of time exploring my home state. Father’s Day was spent hiking; family vacations usually involved short road trips and camping excursions; ski lessons began at the age of four. Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve being outdoors: collecting rolly-polly bugs during the summer; building dams and castles at the Great Sand Dunes while the creek ebbed and flowed; spending countless hours along the shores of Lake Dillon.

My love for the outdoors manifested and grew after graduating from college. I now long for early morning hikes in the summer and perfect bluebird ski days--those days that leave your cheeks sun-burnt and your legs aching.

At the end of the day, at the end of our adventures, we come home. We make a pot of tea, pour a glass of wine, open up the crock-pot, and set the table with fresh garden bounties. But the adventure is never really over. I am continuously inspired by our natural world, and strive to create a lingering sense of discovery through my work.

Why not let the joy of conquering a fourteener last just a little bit longer, when you are home, sipping whiskey from a cup carved with mountains?




Heather Kegel graduated in June 2015 with a BFA in studio art from the University of Denver. After graduation, Heather slowly began assembling her own studio, purchasing a wheel and installing a kiln in her parent’s sun-porch. As a regular studio practice emerged, she dedicated more and more time to her craft, continuously scaling back time at side jobs. In October 2017, Heather decided to work full time as a practicing artist. In January 2018, she moved into a new studio space in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to working as potter full time, she helps out two other local ceramic artists. Heather is a member of the Boulder Potter’s Guild, and participates in all Guild shows and sales.

Heather has shown in a number of local and national galleries, including Plinth Gallery, Redline, Muse Gallery, Pottery Northwest, the Firehouse Art Center, Flower City Arts Center, Pirate: Contemporary Art, and Charlie Cummings Gallery.

Heather's creative interests also include printmaking, natural dyeing and eco-printing fabric and fibers, hand-quilting, and painting.